Revitalizing RNAi (Human and mouse)

Although siRNA has been around for a long time, we believe the ImagineArrays™ bring new life to the method of silencing and phenotypic screening. Persomics enables any lab to quickly add RNAi screening to its set of tools.

Persomics ImagineArray™ generates outstanding levels of silencing of thousands of genes in parallel. The ImagineArray™ is compatible with siRNA from leading providers and Persomics provides a range of transfection reagents. Silencing is typically >75% after 48h in HeLa or U2OS cells

The figure below shows HeLa cell silencing of Persomics benchmark genes RELA and INCENP. RELA and INCENP silencing both produce distinct cellular phenotypes that are easily detected by the human eye and can be quantified through image analysis software. Each cellular component is easily identified through colored labelling. RNA spots are labelled with red dye, nuclei with blue hoechst and the RELA/p65 protein with GFB bound antibodies dye. The control spot shows an even distribution of cytoplasmic p65 with a single nuclei in the center of cells. RELA spots show the absence of cytoplasmic green staining in cells indicating that RELA has been silenced. INCENP spots show cells with multiple or enlarged nuclei.

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Revitalizing RNAi