Enabling scale for miRNA interaction

Micro-RNAs have emerged as an important focus for biological and medical research. Micro-RNAs are cellular molecules that synthesize and control a range of biological process such as cell proliferation, cancer development and even infectious disease. They are a family of a few thousand molecules but they affect close to two-thirds of our genes. 

We performed a miRNA screen to identify miRNA that affect RELA expression using the Persomics platform. The miRNA arrays were covered with HeLa cells for 48h to allow miRNA transfection. Cells were then fixed and stained, detecting RELA by indirect immuno-labelling with an anti-RELA primary and a green fluorescent secondary. 

One of the miRNA we identified was HSA MIR 373 3P which is a known regulator of RELA expression. Images of miRNA silencing/repression are shown below.

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