Making CRISPR accessible

The CRISPR CAS9 system is one of the most powerful technologies for cell biology invented in recent years. On Persomics ImagineArray™ arrayed CRISPR CAS9 experiments are perfected and scientists can perform incredible research in just a few days.  

Currently Persomics provides CRISPR-based screening tools for CAS9 expressing cell lines. Persomics has optimized the platform for gRNAs from several leading providers, and provides a range of transfection reagents. 

Reverse transfection has proven to be well suited for gene editing and with tools from Persomics scientists can focus on the biology and assay development rather than pipetting or configuration of robotics. Typically editing of around 40-50 % after 72 hours and 75 % after 96-120 hours can be achieved with reverse transfection of CAS9 HeLa cells.

The figure below shows HeLa cell gene editing after 72 h of two of Persomics benchmark genes, RELA and KPNB1. KPNB1 leads to cell death and consequently KPNB1 spots show much fewer cells per spot. RELA produces a distinct cellular phenotype that is easily detected by the human eye and possible to quantify through image analysis software. Each cellular component is easily identified through colored labelling. RNA spots are labelled with red dye, nuclei with blue hoechst and the RELA/p65 protein with GFB bound antibodies dye. The control spot shows an even distribution of cytoplasmic p65 with a single nuclei in the center of cells. RELA spots show the absence of cytoplasmic green staining in cells indicating that RELA has been edited.

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