Verified cell lines on ImagineArray™

Persomics is continually verifying the viability of new cell lines on the ImagineArray™ platform in collaboration with our customers. The following list of cell lines has been verified in a large number of replicates.

Check back regularly for updates.

Cell line Cell type ATCC reference Notes
HELA epithelial  
U2OS epithelial  
HEK293 epithelial CAS9 expressor
H1299 epithelial CAS9 expressor
C2BBE enterocyte Transfected on collagen coated Beachfront arrays
MDA-MB-231 epithelial  
CONFIDENTIAL lung carcinoma    

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ImagineArray™ Beachfront Validation Plates

The ImagineArray™ Beachfront validation plates are an easy and affordable way to validate Persomics’ technology in your labs.

Plates with small arrays containing replicates of control spots with non-targeting siRNA, and spots containing siRNA targeting Persomics two benchmark control genes: RELA and INCENP.

Beachfront make it easy to work out cell plating density and the imaging conditons while also confirming silencing of RELA and INCENP for your cell type. RELA and INCENP silencing produce visibly recognizable phenotypes that are also easily identified with image analysis software.