Persomics’ mission is to improve human health by empowering companies and organizations to discover cures faster. Thanks to our technology that miniaturizes, accelerates and increases the scale of phenotypic screening, we enable researchers to do more of what they do today, faster and to do completely new experiments that have not been possible before.


Benchtop Screening

Our Custom Printing service puts powerful new tools in the hands of Pharma and Biotech companies, CROs and Academic labs.

You don't need any robotics or other special equipment, you perform complete screens directly on your bench.


Enable New Applications

Persomics technology makes new applications possible and enables solutions to difficult functional genomic problems. We are open to develop new minaturized functional Genomic Assays (e.g. shRNA, CRISPRs, miRNA) or combinatorial applications, such as synthetic lethality.



Go Further, Go Faster

We make phenotypic screening up to genome-wide functional genomics assays faster and more affordable than ever before.

Let’s discuss how we can collaboratively perform your screen and ensure your project objectives are achieved.