ImagineArray™ Beachfront plates enable users to try Persomics technology in their labs, at their benches.


RNA content siRNA targeting RELA & INCENP, Control (non-targeting) siRNA
Species Human
Spots 400
Spot size 350 μm
Spot spacing ~500 μm (center to center)
Expected silencing 75% in 48h 
Shelf-life 6 months 
Plate format Custom, SBS compliant



Each Beachfront array comprises RELA, INCENP and control (non-targeting) siRNA spots. These siRNA are provided by a premier manufacturer, and the spots are printed with an optimized transfection reagent selected by Persomics. Beachfront arrays are printed at each end of the array glass and are designed to enable researchers to know both the array orientation and the benchmark siRNA location within the benchmark array.

Expected results

Silencing of RELA is typically >75% after 48 hours reverse transfection of HeLa or U2OS cells. RELA silencing will result in cells with reduced cytoplasmic immunolabelling. INCENP silencing will give double or multi nucleated cells in the majority of the cells over the spot, and XPO1 silencing will result in an increase in nuclear p65.


Similar to the use of glass bottomed micro-plates, ImagineArray™ plates can be imaged using automated inverted screening systems, or fluorescent microscopes.

The plates are SBS compliant, fit in all standard imaging systems. The plate insert is a class I quartz coverslip. Persomics recommends that the top corner is located using the nuclear stain channel on fixed processed plates. Spots may also be visible in “live” brightfield imaging when getting oriented on the plate.

The arrays are rectangular, inset 10 mm from the left and right edge of the insert respectively and are almost the height of the insert. The arrays are approximately 5 mm wide.

The layouts of the arrays are identical, array 2 is rotated 180˚ compared to array 1.

RELA beachfront_rela_dot_red beachfront_rela_dot_blue
  Red Green Blue Composite