ImagineArray™ Aegean contains all commercially available miRNA mimics genome-wide.


RNA content All available miRNA mimics
Species Human 
Spots 2080 (32x65) incl. controls 
Spot size 350 μm 
Spot spacing ~500 μm 
Shelf-life  6 months
Plate format Custom imaging plate, SBS compliant



Each Aegean array comprises all the commercially available miRNA present in the human genome, together with our benchmark controls: RELA, INCENP and control (non-targeting) siRNA. It's activity is benchmarked against our siRNA controls as well as miRNA that silences expression of p65. These miRNA mimics are provided by a premier manufacturer, and the spots are printed with an optimized transfection reagent selected by Persomics.

Aegean arrays are quality controlled by Persomics before release by assessing silencing of benchmark genes and activity of selected miRNA's. Aegean arrays are printed as a single array in the centre of the plate with the first miRNA located in the top corner facing the left-hand side of the plate.


Expected results

We anticipate this will provide a tool for resolving miRNA involvement in cell biological pathways that can be analyzed using phenotypic screening. This library covers the latest miRBase definition and can be followed up with commercially available miRNA's.


Similar to the use of glass bottomed micro-plates, ImagineArray™ plates can be imaged using automated inverted screening systems, or fluorescent microscopes.

The plates are SBS compliant, fit in all standard imaging systems. The plate insert is a class I quartz coverslip. Persomics recommends that the top corner is located using the nuclear stain channel on fixed processed plates. Spots may also be visible in “live” brightfield imaging when getting oriented on the plate.

The array is rectangular, inset approx. 10mm from the left edge of the insert and are almost the height of the insert. The arrays are approximately 40 mm wide.


Get started

ImagineArray™ Beachfront

ImagineArray™ Beachfront is an easy and affordable way to validate Persomics technology in your lab.

Beachfront holds two copies of a small array containing spots of siRNA targeting RELA and INCENP respectively, along with spots of non-targeting siRNA.

Beachfront makes it easy to work out cell plating density and imaging conditions, while also confirming silencing for your cell type. RELA and INCENP silencing produce visibly recognizable phenotypes that are easily identified with image analysis software.