Persomics' ImagineArrayTM Plates enable researchers to silence thousands of genes in a single assay. Each ImagineArrayTM Plate is a pre- printed, ready-to-run microarray that simultaneously silences up to 3200 genes. Persomics’ proprietary technology encapsulates siRNA and all other reagents needed into individual optically addressable spots on a glass chip.  

The benefits of using Persomics ImagineArrayTM Plates are,

  • Silence up to 3200 genes/plate
  • Analyze using any fluorescence microscope
  • No costly HT screening infrastructure or expertise required
  • Order of magnitude faster and lower cost than screening with multi-well microplates
  • Plates are pre-printed and ready-to-run

Coming soon!

Persomics ImagineArray™ Plates

ImagineArray plate

Persomics' technology will soon be available as “off-the-shelf” plates with printed libraries from known RNAi providers.

But there is no need to wait. RNAi libraries you already own or purchase may be printed anytime via a custom services arrangement. Learn more:


Off the shelf products

ImagineArray™ Validation Plates

The validation plates are an easy and affordable way to validate Persomics’ technology in your labs. Plates with small arrays containing replicates of control spots with non-targeting RNAi, and spots containing Persomics 2 benchmark control genes: RELA and INCENP. Validation plates make it easy to work out cell plating density and the imaging conditons while also confirming silencing of RELA and INCENP for your cell type. RELA and INCENP silencing produce visibly recognizable phenotypes that are also easily identified with image analysis software.

Plate_validation Plate_map
The plate map of the reagents in each of the spots
siRNA microarrays printed using Persomics' printing technology. Benefits of microarrays are higher throughput, lower consumable costs, less data hetergeniety, higher quality data and streamlined workflow.

ImagineArray™ Library Plates: Human Kinome

Human Kinome libraries from known providers will be printed and are planned to be our first off-the-shelf products.

Now, you can already perform Kinome screens using Persomics. We custom print your requested library or perform the screens for you. Please contact us or read about our services.

Persomics Control Gene Staining Kits

A validated reagent kit with everything needed to fix and stain your cells on Persomics plates to visualize the RELA and INCENP silencing phenotypes.