How it works

Using the ImagineArray™ validation pack is as easy as growing cells on a plate. Grow and stain cells using your protocols, or use our staining kit.


Seed cells

  • Add enough cells to form a nearly confluent monolayer after 48 hrs of culture
  • Plates currently validated with HeLa and U2OS cells
  • Use our validation plate to evaluate your assay and cells




  • Culture for 48 hours to observe maximum gene-silencing

Stain the cells

  • Fix and stain cells with Persomics Fixing Buffer and Cellular Staining Kit or use your own protocol
  • Compatible with any high content staining protocol
  • Several control genes are on the validation plate as benchmarks for silencing

Image the Phenotype

  • Image phenotype using high content imager or any inverted fluorescence microscope
  • siRNA spots are made optically adressable with a red dye

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