Example of Kinome Screen

Screening the role of protein kinases in disease and cell biology research has been made easy. We provide access to kinome arrays for our customers.

For screening the Kinome, you typically need

  • Three to five Persomics Kinome plates. This gives six to ten replicates, but it is easy to increase this if your assay requires it
  • Pipettes and media for cell culture
  • An automated imager


  • No special equipment required, the Persomics plate is handled like a regular cell culture plate
  • Negligible need for consumables
  • Typically we need less than ten 10mL pipettes to perform screening and staining
  • The plate format reduces the cost of cell staining, making expensive screens affordable
  • Now antibody based screen are far more cost effective as a screening/labelling tool

Imaging time varies but typically it takes an 30 to 60 min to image a plate, with an imaging system.


What do I need for 10 replicates?

  • Plates: 5
  • Amount of cells (HeLa): 3 confluent T25 flasks
  • Nr of pipetting steps: 5-20
  • Nr of pipettes used: 5-20
  • Approx imaging time on automated imager: 4-6 h

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