The Power of Extensibility

Posted by Mike Sjaastad
On Feb 8, 2016


While our first products and collaborations have focused on siRNA mediated gene silencing on cellular microarrays, it is a mistake to peg Persomics as an siRNAi screening company.

We are amid exciting times at Persomics, facing many possibilities. While moving toward off-the-shelf products that will enable access to common siRNAi sub-libraries available, a significant amount of end-user interest is in extending the use of the miniaturized printing technology for other creative uses of arrays to other capabilities.

Beyond RNAi, think of the possibilities for antibodies, cDNA, miRNA, CRISPR and even drugs or cells themselves. Persomics’ Technology platform is a massively parallel, flexible microarray printing technology that is “extensible” and can be used to print almost anything you want as a foundation for a cellular assay. The printing method and its use are backed by issued IP, and we now have robust licensing covering the use of reverse transfection in arrays. We are in an enviable position as a start up to offer secured IP and experience as your partner for miniaturization of multiple methodologies. 

Joint R+D collaborations developing novel applications are driving significant growth for Persomics. Extensibility is the driving force behind proposed projects to develop CRISPR arrays, cDNA arrays and even complex protein arrays.

Persomics will be attending the High Content analysis and Phenotypic Screening meeting February 11-12th, and we will share examples of the extensibility of our technology platform. Of course you don’t have to wait for the meeting to learn more, you are always welcome to contact us! 

Agenda, with Neil’s talk at 9:30 AM, February 11th. High Content Discovery with Persomics Technology: Reduction of Scale and Cost with Turnkey Printed Libraries.

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Written by Mike Sjaastad