What is micro RNA?

Posted by Neil Emans
On Nov 10, 2015

You’ve heard the talk of micro RNA or miRNA but you’re not quite sure of what it means? Here is a short summary.

Micro RNAs (or miRNAs) has been shown to be the modulators of nearly every cellular process. In normal development as well as in pathogenesis.

miRNAs comprise a novel class of small, non-coding endogenous RNAs that regulate gene expression by directing their target mRNAs for degradation or translational repression. miRNA research has been one of the most promising contributors to modern medicine in recent times. Still at the developmental stage, miRNA research has helped the medical sector to better understand the dynamics of various diseases from a different perspective.

Using whole genome libraries of miRNA mimics in high throughput screening (HTS) it is possible to comprehensively evaluate the function of each member of the miRNAome in cell-based assays. Since the relatively few miRNAs in the genome are thought to directly regulate a large portion of the proteome, miRNAome screening, coupled with the identification of the regulated proteins, might be a powerful new approach to gaining insight into complex biological processes.

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Written by Neil Emans