Persomics ImagineArray™ allows you to ask questions, screen for answers, and get quality data, all in the space of a few days. Grow and stain cells using your own protocols, or use the Persomics staining kit.

Fits your lab

Screening with ImagineArray™ does not require additional lab infrastructure. All that is needed is your plate, your cell line, and standard lab consumables. Because our plates are SBS compliant they can be imaged in all standard microscopes as well as high-content imaging systems. 

Streamlined workflow

We have put a lot of effort into creating a streamlined workflow that allows ImagineArray™ to be used in any lab. Our standard protocol is similar to standard tissue culture requires as little as a 48h cell incubation period for RNA transfection and silencing.

New possibilities

With ImagineArray™ there are no physical barriers between the spots. Consistent assay conditions across the plate means less data heterogeneity and better data. With a drastically lowered cost per experiment you can run more screens, with more replicates, and ask new questions.

Making CRISPR accessible

Persomics now provides CRISPR based screening tools for CAS9 expressing cell lines, and we are currently working to extend this. Learn about how our platform is optimized for gRNAs from several leading providers, using a range of transfection reagents.


Learn more about functional genomics on spots, reverse transfection on ImagineArray™, and how our novel printing technology brings new research possibilities to your lab.