Persomics ImagineArray™ in 10X

Posted by Viktor Bengtsson, Jan 24, 2017

We like to play around with visualization technology that enables us, and our clients, to get a deeper understanding of the science that happens on our platform. For our in-house R&D we usually image in 10X, but Persomics ImagineArrays™ can of course be imaged in any resolution.

We thought we would share some of the images that we get out of our own experiments so we put up a page.

ImagineArray™ in 10X

These are full-resolution png versions of our arrays. You can view the whole array and zoom in up to 10X. For optimal viewing, use Google Chrome.

We are integrating zoomable array images in our own cloud platform, Persomics Analysis, alongside graphical browsing of the array and searchable libraries of spots.

Get in touch if you would like to try Persomics ImagineArray™ and Persomics Analysis in your lab.

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Viktor Bengtsson

Written by Viktor Bengtsson